Out of Touch and Out of His Mind

I recently watched a Q&A session put on by our dear leader, Obama.  His speech was like all the others I’ve heard. He makes good points but wants to pay for all his great ideas with more taxes. Yes I know the rich need to pay there fair share, but remember when the income tax was passed it was only for the rich. The rich being those who made more than $5200 per year.  If that tax was truly for the rich we should have raised that number into the six figures by now.  But I digress.

What sparked my attention and you could say anger was the last question about firearms and their supposed role in Chicago’s crime issues.  The President said some things I found very disturbing.

First, he stated in some places in America its easier to buy a handgun than a book or fresh fruit.  I’d really love to know where that place exists.   I’d also like to know if such a place exists and Obama knows about it why its being allowed to exist.  Its simple math even a cheap stolen gun on the street has to fetch at least $100.  I think you can buy a couple of books and a few tomatoes for less.

Second, he stated as a perspective firearm owner it should be my responsibility to prove I can legally own the firearm.  As a former Constitutional professor, he should understand the legal precept of guilty until proven innocent.  Oops, Freudian slip!

That brings me to my final issue.  He said he was working with state and local governments to “curb the legal use handguns.”  I hope that was a Freudian slip on his part.  However if it wasn’t, I must caution him that I will resist any and all efforts to curb the “legal use” of every firearm I own.

I end with a question for you Mr. President. You described me in a debate some time a go as the biggest threat to America.  I’m one of those twenty somethings with a cheap handgun from the inner city.  I’ve broken no law and I’ve never hurt a soul.  What do you have against me?  I’d really like to know.  Is it all because I have a passion for guns or is it because I know history?  Or is it simply because I’m a white man who refuses to march lock step into the dustbin of history?

Molon Labe


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Where do they find these people?

I just had and opportunity to read what the DC chief of police had to say about their new ccw law.  Plain and simple, she is either clueless or just plain stupid.  Either way she has no grasp on reality.  First she says that you need to have a direct threat to you to want to defend yourself.  When asked what a direct threat is she never can say, but she says a direct threat is not living in a dangerous area or living in an home that has been burglarized multiple times.  That leads me to believe she expects a victim to wait until they’re staring death in the face and ask the attacker to wait patiently while they ask the police to kindly let them have a weapon because they now have an direct threat. That’s utter lunacy! Also, she’s got a ever growing list of places in our nation’s capital where it’s “just not safe” for private citizens to be armed. Newsflash, a law, like the lock on your house, is only as good as the people who are able to enforce it and those who choose to obey it.   That’s why we have guns in the first place. Just remember,  they’ve already passed laws that cover assault, rape, murder, etc, yet  it still happens every day. And guess what, the people who commit those crimes could care less about your gun free zone.

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I’m Back…

After a several month hiatus, America Gone Wrong in new and improved. Most importantly its actually online.  Yes, all those thoughts that come spewing out of my brain whenever I hear a newscast can now be spewed all over the internet. Aren’t you people lucky.  Yeah, I said “you” people, get over it cuz I don’t care.

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